Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world without thirst, within our lifetimes.

We believe that Clean Water, Healthy Food, Quality Healthcare and an Enriching Education are not just basic necessities, they are human rights which everyone in the world can and must have access to. However, with 663 million people lacking access to water1, nearly 800 million people without enough food to eat2, over 400 million people without access to essential health services3 and 124 million children out of school worldwide4, our work is certainly cut out for us.

These are monumental problems that cannot be solved overnight. So where can we begin?


With Water

By ensuring that every human being has access to clean, safe, sustainable sources of water, we are going directly to the point of greatest impact. When our mission is complete, villages that couldn’t grow crops will be self-sufficient, diseases that used to kill millions will simply disappear and children who used to spend their days gathering water will spend them in school instead.

Furthermore, millions of jobs will be created so that those who previously couldn’t see past surviving today will be able to dream of creating a better tomorrow


Why We Have Hope

From 1990 to 2015, the percentage people with access to improved sources of water rose from 76% to 91%5. An amazing achievement, especially considering that the global population rose by over 2 billion people in that same amount of time6. We are inspired to witness these trends, and we fully intend to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goal of clean, safe water access for everyone on Earth by 2030!


Join us, spread the word and let’s quench global thirst together!

Our Team

The PH8 Foundation started with a group of close friends who all believe that access to clean, safe water is a basic human right. With awareness of the global water crisis growing each day, we know we must do our part to educate others and take action. By supporting efforts that maximize sustainable water access in developing nations while minimizing damage to the environment, we know we can achieve our mission of ending global thirst in our lifetime, forever.